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Marantha ft. Jovi Harp

by R.E.F.

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Not trying to glorify no murder or claim that it's OK/
cause no one deserves to die whether Muslim straight or gay/
we’re in a fallen world we see it every day/
caused by the sin of man it's the price we have to pay/
But by the hand of God not the hate of mere men/
He createth then taketh we are his reprimand/
They said that it's the Guns, they blamin
It on the trigger/
Take away the people's arms still find a way to kill ya/

Take me away Maranatha, take me away Maranatha, take me away Maranatha

ain't meaning to flip the script and turn it to politics/
The focus of what I'm writin is more than debatin common sense/
What’ll it take for us to learn to finally understand/
The most dangerous weapon in this world is the heart of an angry man/
Yet our teachers preach hate In churches and synagogues/
God told us what was sin, we told him that we were Gods/
stead of living with compassion we said God hates fags/
Instead of reaching out in love we made fun of the Muslims rags on their heads/

Take me away Maranatha, take me away Maranatha, take me away Maranatha

God said its deceitful, the heart is wicked/
With no cure for its evils it's why we seeing what we’re seeing/
People killed everyday and they're sayin it's excused/
But what will the father say he's the ultimate rule/
And the system just reflects the matters of the heart/
cuz it's flawed and broke in two man it's falling apart/
We rely on men to make the rules and follow EM like the rest/
But forget they have the same sick disease in their chests/
It's a heart thang


released November 16, 2016



all rights reserved


R.E.F. Twin Falls, Idaho

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